Thursday, March 22, 2012

Survey of proof nets

This isn't much to be proud of, but I seem to have written an unpublishable paper. It is "A survey of proof nets and matrices for substructural logics," which I intended for the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic. However, it seems that they are not much interested in surveys, or if they are, they require them to be pitched to a highly technical audience already versed in the subject. At least that's what I could glean from the short note I got which rejected the paper at a preliminary stage. The "outside expert" who the editor found to make a brief assessment said that the paper was nearly devoid of all content. I don't believe I managed to fill 25 pages with precisely nothing (quite an achievement that would be), so I posted it on arXiv anyway. I believe it will benefit anyone wanting to find out about proof nets and how they relate to the logics which underpin type-logical grammar. Fortunately I already have tenure and am not too proud, so I posted the link to my unpublished masterpiece. All comments here will be appreciated---unless you feel it is devoid of all content. That particular comment has been used up.


  1. interesting, thanks for posting it on arXiv!

  2. Yes I hope you like it. . . it later turned out that an editor of a logic handbook is interested in using it, possibly after further revisions. So maybe it will get published after all.