Monday, February 15, 2010

Opening lines. . .

Welcome to my blog about things linguistic and mathematical, and most frequently both at once.

This is to be a venue mostly aimed at professional researchers in linguistics, computational linguistics, and cognitive science, but mathematicians may also find much of interest. I am always interested in how mathematics can be applied to the study of language, and that often relates to cognition and computation, so here we are.

I've thought about doing a blog for a few years, always saying to myself I might start one when I have more time. Well, I don't have any more time but I am perhaps learning to type faster, so I just decided to give it a shot.

Watch for random musings of mine on math and language and how they relate. I wanted a venue to air out my mind that was less formal than publications, but still could access the broader community. I eagerly hope for serious commentary.

Current linguistics blogs seem to be of three kinds; there are maybe a few serious ones about linguistics, there are some of the usual things that are aimed at laypeople interested in language, and there are a few kind of nonserious blogs by grad students that are not very research oriented. This is the first blog devoted to research topics in the mathematics of language, I think. If it is not, please let me know.

Next post, something important.


  1. Thank you for the blog, I look forward to seeing more posts. I hope this gets others interested in mathematical/formal linguistics to stand up.

  2. Thanks for commenting, you should get a prize for being the first!

    I have plenty of future posts rattling around in my head, but I also welcome suggested lines of thought.
    Nothing is worse than a self-absorbed blogger.